Week 5 Weights

Escaping puppies

The puppies are firmly established on solids and like all good labradors, eating is a highlight of the day. They’re putting on weight well:

Max and Hope 1.5kg

Pip 1.9kg

Tommy (Santiago) 1.65kg

Ronnie 1.6kg

Curly (Reggie) 1.7kg

Billy (Milo) 1.65kg

Pip was the first to escape and, for the first time ever in any litter we’ve had, also climbs back in again. He seems very independent but also very cuddly and is very happy to climb out, run around and play, and then sleep on what is already his favourite corner of the rug.

2 Replies to “Week 5 Weights”

  1. Pip is he the one that is left , are you able to
    Why the original people decided to pull out of the purchase?
    He looks gorgeous are they being trained already for wee and poos ?
    We are looking for a pup as our 3 year old attends a child minder where there is a black lab and he loves her both myself and partner would love one too. We live right across from a park and near the sea and the South Downs so great for exercise.

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