Our two British Blue cats Tessa and Billy have had a litter of four boy kittens in February. Both mum and dad are our cats and live here with us so can be seen with the kittens.

There’s a page set up for each of them (under the Kittens tab) with lots of pictures and information about their personalities.

Tessa is 3 and is very gentle and affectionate and has always been a house cat. She loves to sit in your lap and fall asleep but only if she decides to do so. Billy is 4 and he is a very big cat who was also a house cat until 2 weeks ago when he learned how to escape and now spends his days bringing in mice and birds. He’s very outgoing and friendly and loves being picked up and cuddled. He’ll come and find us when he’s run out of food and bat us with his paw until we go feed him.

Tessa and the kittens have been living in our kitchen since they were born so haven’t been introduced to our other cats and dogs, but they’ve been very regularly handled by children and adults so are very outgoing and confident. They are playful and run around but also love to fall asleep on our laps, on cushions or many times on the bottom shelf of a drinks trolley. They are used to household noises (although Mickey has never been a fan of the vaccuum cleaner).

We’ve bred puppies before and have left all the info on the website so you can see a bit more about us and the care and attention we give our animals. Each kitten will be checked, chipped and vaccinated before leaving us and will come with a bag of their food. They are all litter trained and used to eating and drinking at regular intervals. Tessa was on regular precautionary doses of Panacur (worming medication) while pregnant and the kittens have been wormed twice.

Labrador Puppies in York For Sale

The Labrador Retriever is a dog breed suited as a retriever-gun dog. Also just known as a Labrador, it is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the United Kingdom and the United States. Originally, the breed developed from crossing Newfoundlands, mastiffs and the St. John’s water dog in Canada.

It’s natural ability in cold water and great swimming agility, made them perfect for water. The Labrador was originally trained to receive fishing nets off the coast of Canada in the 1800s.

Life span: 10 – 14 years
Origin: Newfoundland
Weight: Male: 25–36 kg, Female: 18–32 kg
Temperament: Outgoing, Intelligent, Gentle, Even Tempered, Trusting, Agile, Kind
Height: Male: 57–62 cm, Female: 55–60 cm



Great British Icons week 6

The 4 puppies are such good fun and are really showing their personalities now. They’re all very different – Adele is into everything (mainly escaping), Tess is quiet and gentle but playful one on one, Judi wants to eat all the time and Elizabeth loves running around everywhere.