Heading to the vets at 10.5 weeks for a weigh in (1kg)
9 weeks old, loves sleeping at my feet while I work
Bruce at 8 weeks weighing 1kg. We decided to keep Bruce and Carter for a little longer as they didn’t weigh as much as the others. We’ll hang on to them for another few weeks and do regular vet checks and weigh ins before they go to their new owners in December.
Bruce and Wanda eating separately because they get too over excited when everyone is eating together.
Bruce at 6 weeks weighing 750g. Bruce does not sit still for pictures. Or for food.
Bruce at 4 weeks weighing 500g.
Bruce is still the smallest boy weighing in at 410g. Purrs like a kitten while sleeping.

Bruce is the smallest boy, at day 2 weigh in he was 350g. Bruce has a green collar. He is the explorer of the group so far, often found on the other side of the pen to the rest sniffing everything.