6 weeks old

This week they all had their third course of worming.  One more to go, and next week they’ll all have their first round of vaccinations ready to go to their new homes.

They’re growing very quickly now.  Getting them to sit still and weigh them is very difficult!

Bolt – 41cm long

Venus – 42cm long

Tiger – 40cm long

Harry – 42cm long

Florence – 35cm long

McKayla – 45cm long

Billie – 37cm long

Hamilton – 43cm long

2 Replies to “6 weeks old”

  1. Hi
    We have just had our Labrador pass away and feel we will be ready for a new dog by April so please can you contact me to pay a deposit or add me too you list of potential purchasers please.

    1. Hi Louise – she just had her litter and I’m updating the site now with pictures and info. Do you want to call me to discuss? It’s 07887 727 333. Sharon

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